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Alcoholism is a chronic disease when a person is not able to control an amount of the consumed alcohol. Psychological disorders, diseases of liver, kidney and cardiovascular system develop in the setting of alcoholism.
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Medications for alcoholism

A chronic alcoholism is hardly treatable. The alcohol abuse affects the nerve cells, so that a fixed addiction is formed. In case of the ethanol deficiency in the blood, an alcohol withdrawal syndrome begins, and so this person has to take another dose of alcohol.

Alcoholism may be treated with the help of medications that restore the affected tissues of the nervous system, reduce the alcohol withdrawal syndrome and help to restore the work of the internal organs.

The most effective medications for alcoholism are as follows:

-Antabuse is a medication that prevents metabolism of ethyl alcohol, and it causes a disgust for alcohol. More details here.
-Revia blocks a sensitivity of receptors to alcohol, so that a person does not have satisfaction during ethanol consumption. More details here.

How do medications for alcoholism work?

The main task of every medication is to cause a disgust for alcohol. It is possible to do by means of two ways: by means of reducing of the sensitivity to ethanol, or by means of a formation of the false ethanol intoxication. Then, a person does not want to consume alcohol anymore, and the body begins to excrete toxins and to get rid of the constant addiction.

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