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Analgesics help to relieve pain and get rid of the troubling distress. These are irreplaceable pills in every medicine box because everybody sometimes faces headache, toothache, and joint pain. We recommend our customers only the best set of analgesics.

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Pain medications

Pain is a natural reaction of the body to the pathological diseases and affection of the nerve endings. Pain may be caused by trauma, diseases, physical and psychological action on the human body. Light pain may be overcome but if pain grows, it is necessary to cope with this symptom. If pain is not treated, it causes a lot of physical and psychological sufferings that break our life. The best way to treat pain is to remove the symptoms but if it is impossible, analgesics are prescribed.

There are several types of analgesics that act differently: non-narcotic anti-inflammatory drugs are used during moderate pain, and narcotic analgesics are used to treat severe pain syndrome.

The most effective analgesics:

-Arcoxia is a selective inhibitor of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) which is effective during degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
-Voltaren is a medication of the broad action which copes with any pain, in any part of our body.
-Tylenol is an anti-inflammatory drug which reduces fever, inflammation and inhibits pain.

How do analgesics act?

The mechanism of the pharmacological action of analgesics is conditioned by the inhibition of the enzyme production that causes inflammation and pain. These medications decrease the pain syndrome in a short period, inhibit sensitivity of the nerve endings and act on a cause of the pain – an inflammation.

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