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Generic Lyrica

Convulsive seizures appear due to the excessive agitation of the central nervous system. In order to remove the excess strain and reduce the symptoms of epilepsy, doctors recommend Lyrica.

Lyrica Important Information

Lyrica is a medication belonging to the group of g-aminobutyrate acid derived agents. The main active ingredient is Pregabalin that lowers the agitation of the central nervous system, and so the convulsive seizures are arrested.
G-aminobutyrate acid is the essential inhibitory transmitter in the nervous system. The mechanism of the action consists in a stimulation of the production of this organic compound, so that the agitation of the central nervous system significantly drops.
The clinical studies demonstrate that a therapeutic effect occurs within 7-10 days. The increase of the g-aminobutyrate acid synthesis gradually slows down the excessive agitation of the neurons in the central nervous system, and therefore the effect will constantly grow. It achieves its peak in 3-4 weeks of a regular usage.
Pregabalin has a broad pharmacological action. It reduces neuropathic pain, inhibits anxiety, lowers the frequency of the seizures. However, Lyrica is often used during some number of the pathologies.

Lyrica is used for:

- Neuropathic pain treatment;
- Fibromyalgia treatment;
- Arresting partial seizures in patients with epilepsy.

Recommended Use of Lyrica

There are certain rules to be observed during the use of Lyrica:
- The treatment begins with minimal doses in order to avoid the excessive sedation.
- Strictly observe the interval between the use of the pills 8-10 hours.
- Do not take the entire daily dose at once.
- A cessation of the therapy is gradual. In case of the sudden cessation of Lyrica, the central nervous system experiences serious stress, so that a withdrawal effect may occur.

If you are going to buy Lyrica, it is recommended to consult a doctor at first. A doctor will tell you an individual dosing and select the most effective scheme of the treatment.
- Start taking Lyrica from the dose of 150 mg per day (75 mg in the morning and 75 mg in the evening).
- A gradual increase of the dose is allowed in 7 days. In theory, the dose of Lyrica is increased by not more than 100 mg a week.
- The maximal dose is 600 mg. It is divided into 3 parts and taken with the interval of 6-8 hours.

The treatment goes on till getting positive results and elimination of the clinical symptoms of the disorder.

Precautionary Measures

- The treatment is contraindicated during the renal failure. An urine test and ultrasound scan of kidneys should be taken during the therapy once a month. If the tests worsen, the treatment is terminated, or a medication is replaced.
- The medication is prescribed patients with neuropathy and cardiovascular system disorders with great care. Chronic heart failure may develop due to the therapy.
- Lyrica is not used to treat patients under 17 years old.
- Pregabalin has a cross-dependence with benzodiazepines. If a patient has symptoms of the abuse, consult a doctor and go for a gradual treatment cessation.

Side Effects

Most side effects registered during the clinical studies have appeared at the beginning of the treatment and during the cessation of Lyrica usage. Therefore, the first and the last month of the treatment are the most difficult and need a doctor's control.
- Patients have recorded the following symptoms at the beginning of the treatment: dizziness, sleepiness, ataxia, tremor, low libido, dry mouth, edema, high fatigue, and headache.
- The symptoms differ during the cessation of the therapy: edema, depression, insomnia, and headache.

Pregabalin has a rather high level of the pharmacological safety compared to the analogues, and that is why if you are looking for a drug to treat the convulsive seizures, we recommend you to buy Lyrica online.

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