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Respiratory Tract

Respiratory system is subject to the inflammatory and infectious diseases. In order to protect ourlungs and keep a healthy function of the respiratory tract, we recommend our clients a set ofdrugs of the high quality approved by FDA.

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Medications for the treatment of the respiratory tract diseases

The respiratory system includes the following organs: lungs, throat, and trachea. Besides theinfectious diseases, these organs are subject to the inflammations, so that the oxygen flow isaffected in the lungs and blood. The most common diseases of the respiratory system arebronchitis, pneumonia, and bronchial asthma. In order to avoid complications and a chronic typeof the disease, it is necessary to use quality medications that will improve the respiratoryfunction.

The most effective medications for the treatment of the respiratory tract diseases:

- Advair Diskus is a combined medication to prevent bronchospasm.
- Rhinocort is a nasal spray with corticosteroids to treat allergy.
- Ventolin is a drug to increase the volume of lungs and treat bronchial asthma. It reducesinflammation in the respiratory tracts.

How do medications for the treatment of the respiratory system diseases act?

In order to relieve the work of the lungs, the drugs for the treatment of the respiratory systemdiseases reduce an inflammation in the respiratory tract, relieve the flow of oxygen and reduce adevelopment of the acute bronchospasms.

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