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Highly effective medications are must-have in the surgery. They help to reduce consequences ofthe surgeries and accelerate the recovery of the skin and muscle tissues. We recommend you toread our list of medications used for surgeries.

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Medications in surgery

Surgery is the most important field in the medicine that helps to remove a tumor, neutralize theconsequences of strain or a break of the muscle tissues, restore a connective tissue, and others.Patients often start preparing to a surgery in advance. They are prescribed medications to preparethe body for a surgery, and then to quickly recover. Therefore, reliable and intensive medicationsare a very important aspect in the surgery.

The most effective medications used in surgery:

- Betadine is an antiseptic for the local use, and is a complex of iodine with polyvinylpyrrolidone. It does not burn the skin and kills bacteria well.
- Imuran is used to reduce rejection of transplants after the transplant.
- Xylocaine is a local anesthetic and a cardiac depressant. It is used to reduce pain duringexternal use.
- Atarax provides a sedative, anxiolytic and antiemetic action. It is used as a lighttranquilizer in surgery.

How do medications used in surgery act?

Medications reducing pain, having antiseptic features, providing sedative effects and helping torecover are often used in surgery. These are medications from various groups but all of themhelp to overcome a severe stage of the recovery regardless of the surgery complicacy.

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