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1. You select a medication and place an order on the website.
2. Our specialists process the order within 24 hours and prepare the package.
3. Once the package is shipped, you'll receive tracking information via email.
4. You'll be notified by the post office, or a courier will deliver your package within the specified time frame.

To place an order, please follow these steps:
1. Fill out the provided form with accurate personal information
2. Have a bank card ready for payment
3. The entire process takes just 5 minutes and can be completed using a computer or smartphone

Please be aware that a prescription may be required for certain medications when purchasing from our site. If a prescription is necessary for any products you plan to buy, our customer support representative may request it after you complete the order.
**Important:** You will not be charged until we receive your prescription.

We collaborate directly with official pharmaceutical companies, bypassing any dealers. As a result, we are well-informed about the origin of the drugs and have confidence in their quality. Additionally, each batch of medications includes quality certificates and official documentation in an international format. Feel free to contact our representative via phone or email to inquire about medication licenses.

We adhere to stringent confidentiality guidelines for our customers. All data entered on our site is encrypted using the latest SSL security methods, ensuring it remains inaccessible to third parties. Furthermore, we do not disclose the contents of the package during delivery, thereby maintaining complete anonymity for our customers.

We accept a variety of bank cards, including Maestro, MasterCard, and Visa. Both debit and credit cards can be used for payment.

Your location and the chosen delivery method determine delivery speed. If your city is close to our warehouse, packages may be delivered within 5-10 days using standard postal services. For other locations, regular postal delivery takes 10-21 days, while courier delivery takes 5-9 business days.

We collaborate with international courier services, enabling us to deliver packages worldwide.

If you haven't received your package and the tracking number doesn't reveal its location, please contact our company representative and explain the situation. In case the package doesn't arrive due to postal service or customs issues, we will resend the medications free of charge. However, you will be responsible for the resending cost if the package doesn't arrive due to an incorrect delivery address.

We purchase medications from the same manufacturers as major pharmacy chains without involving dealers who impose additional charges. Additionally, operating an online pharmacy eliminates the need for expenses related to maintaining a retail network, such as rent, staff salaries, advertising, and more. Consequently, our pharmacy incurs fewer expenses compared to traditional pharmacy chains. We offer medications at the manufacturer's wholesale prices, resulting in a lower final cost for consumers compared to city pharmacies.

Generic drugs contain the same active ingredient as their brand-name counterparts, with a similar action, effect, and dosage mechanism. The primary difference is the lower cost of generic drugs. Developing brand-name drugs involves significant expenses for promotion and advertising, resulting in up to 70% of the cost of each pill being attributed to marketing. In contrast, generic drugs don't require promotion, as their popularity stems from the original medications. As a result, buyers pay only 30% of the market price, which covers production expenses. Thus, generic drugs are more affordable while providing the same treatment effect.

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