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Quality First Approach

When it comes to medications — quality & safety are always our number one concern. When choosing different remedies at our website, you get exceptionally the best ones — each and every approved by the FDA. We value your time, trying to make sure that every cent spent here provides our clients with the best option, so we also offer online consultations with experienced specialists, allowing you to purchase prescription drugs and avoid tedious paperwork.

Swift Delivery

We optimize every step necessary to deliver the ordered drugs as quickly as possible. Processing your order takes no more than 24 hours — one day only and you will get your tracking number. Delivery itself usually lasts 2-4 weeks, depending on the provided shipping address.

Up-to-date Payment System

As well as our customers, we keep pace with the times and recognize the convenience of modern cryptocurrencies. Thus, you can pay for all orders made in our online drugstore with Bitcoin or several equally reliable solutions. Your privacy should never be neglected, so we never store clients’ payment information, even when they pay via Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, or PayPal.

Actual Bonus Pills

Aren’t eager to spend money on pills being unsure of their efficiency, are you? No one should pay for a loot box. Here you can try Viagra, Viagra Soft, or Cialis for FREE. Get 4, 10, or even 20 free bonus pills after EVERY purchase at our store.

Reliability & Satisfaction

In addition to providing effective FDA-approved pills and maintaining timely shipping, we protect your safety and financial security on many levels. Packaging and delivery are swift and discreet, even a courier who places the ordered products right at your threshold remains unaware of their nature. In addition to the actual physical protection of your privacy, we also make sure that it can never be violated in the virtual space, taking advantage of high-end security tools, starting with a firewall, Cloudflare, and Norton, to name but basic ones.

Advantageous Rebates

Effective drugs should be truly available for all interested customers, so our online pharmacy provides coupon checks up to 10% in addition to continuous promotions.

Reviews from Our Clients

Join 8,405 of happy customers from the USA who give us a 99% satisfaction rate. They talk about their experience with us.

Excellent quality and price too

Hi! I am a regular client of FaastPharmacy. I am very happy with their discounts and delivery rates. Bonus offers actually shave off a great deal of usual prices. Very, very convenient if you require everyday treatment.

Cooper, 39 y.o., Seattle
Best Deals from Online Pharmacies

I use this website for two months. So far, it offers me the best deals when compared with any other pharmacy, online or not.

Melvin, 39, y.o., Washington

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Faast Pharmacy: A Quick Guide on Buying Prescription Drugs Online

During the last years, following the globalization of the online healthcare market, which became, well, truly global, online pharmacies transformed from a convenient yet unreliable solution to a broad-based and all-purpose online tool. Sure, the USA and Canada were the first countries that took some effort in regulating and maintaining these uncharted territories, but the trend has quickly become omnipresent. Nearly all market deals jumped into virtual space, so it is only natural that such an important niche as pharmacy shopping was among the first ones. Nowadays, avoiding online pharmacies in favor of traditional ones seems unnecessary complicated.

A factor of huge significance that reinforced the immense success of this sphere should be attributed to the considerable savings offered by online shopping. For instance, by choosing online pharmacy USA citizens receive better offers, when compared with OTC (Over-the-counter) propositions. Online shopping allows you to analyze the most convenient solutions, check and compare prices in different licensed online shops, ask for generics, receive quick consultations with specialists, predict future discounts, book currently unavailable drugs, and look through the reviews of other users — in a matter of minutes without leaving your sofa or saving time when stuck in a traffic jam.

Such a tremendous success and rapid growth of economical involvement of both major and average participants, created stimulating conditions for the development of the competitive struggle, which provided increasingly satisfactory offers for nearly all customers. Drugs that couldn’t get the FDA approval have been eliminated from the market, reputational value has become a top-priority goal for all major manufacturing and distributing companies, and significant involvement of international manufacturers, mainly from India, provided a better ground for the popularization of generics, which contain the same active ingredient but at much better prices.

Increased availability of cheaper treatment options obtained through online pharmacy India based manufacturing companies is one of the main goals of our pharmacy, aimed at the satisfaction of all our customers and creation of diversified solutions, equally profitable to all types of our clients, including also the underinsured ones, which are too often left unnoticed by the orthodox healthcare system.

As the best online pharmacy, we care not only about the quality of the provided drugs but also about a full range of customer-oriented services, including:

- Affordable prices from trustworthy CIPA and PharmacyChecker certified pharmacies
- Strict adherence with ISO 9001:2000 standards
- Flexible and frequently available discounts
- Top-notch protection of our customer's confidentiality
- User-friendly online shopping experience
- Exceptionally FDA approved drugs from handpicked manufacturers
- Customer support 24/7
- Worldwide delivery

Local Pharmacies Replaced by Online FaastPharmacy

To eliminate as many weak chains in the supplying chain as possible, we work directly with manufacturers from India, avoiding all intermediary companies, which allows us both to significantly reduce offered prices, as well as focusing our efforts on providing top-notch quality control. By establishing such a simple yet effective scheme, our online pharmacy achieved its initial goal of maintaining the balance between providing maximal availability of its products and uncompromising quality and safety control without sacrificing any significant factor.

Instead of focusing on several relatively minor issues, our company successfully utilizes a comprehensive approach to our customers — we provide more than a hundred different high-quality drugs, including powerful bactericides, remedies for skin problems, drugs for men’s health and family planning, in addition to those used to regulate cholesterol levels and a bunch of medicines for maintaining mental health.

Making prescriptions online at our pharmacy is always a beneficial choice; instead of obtaining one medicine for each problem with a fixed and often unreasonably high price, our clients receive a wide range of recommendations including cheaper generics. The proffered medications are not copies but rather equivalents of the originally introduced pharmaceutical formula with approval by the FDA once again available at the drug market after the patent expiry. Implementation of the fully approved and time-tested drug formula without the necessity of investing in its development once again makes almost all generics dramatically cheaper in comparison with the competing formulas. Combined with the absence of intermediaries, responsible for a great share of the end prices, it allows us to provide both cheap and safe offers.

Establishing international networks shaped and perfected in competitive struggle accounts for our flexible system of discounts. No local pharmacy can ever hope to provide better price abatements - 15% is pretty much the best markdown available at local drug stores, which is a rather average deal by our standards.

Years of unchallenged leadership at the online pharmacy market allowed us to develop a truly client-oriented approach with a focus on preserving the money and efforts of those in need of fast delivery of drugs essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The core philosophical principles laid in the foundation of FaastPharmacy teach us to set universally applicable priorities — and what could be more important than the safety of those who entrust us with the noble task of taking care of them? Surely, we hope you will decide to experience this personally and give us a chance to help you!

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