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Generic Ventolin
Albuterol (salbutamol)
Albuterol (salbutamol)

Everybody knows what bronchial asthma is. But a few knows what a person whose life depends on a dose of Ventolin faces every day.Buying Ventolin may be the only way to restore breathing and give a hope for recovery.
Ventolin is just a tool to remove the symptoms, but it helps to improve the quality of life andgives a unique opportunity to forget about the attacks for a day.

Ventolin over the counter online

Bronchial spasm is a dangerous state when luminal narrowing of the respiratory tracts happens, and asthma attack begins. This symptom is peculiar for all patients with bronchial asthma. An inhibition of asthma is the first task, and Ventolin copes with it well.

It is important to have this drug and use it as intended. Many patients use inhalers wrongly to reduce bronchial spasms, and therefore this drug is for sale by prescription. This way, a risk of the side effects and complications that may be due to the overdose is reduced.

However, there are cases when a solution for the inhaler is urgently required, and a prescription is absent. In this case, pay attention to Generic Ventolin online which is for sale in the internet pharmacies.

Ventolin online is the same medication as Ventolin in the pharmacies in your city. There is no difference, because these medications contain the same active ingredient in the identical dose. Ventolin may cost cheaper in the online pharmacy but it is achieved by means of the reduced expenses on the product marketing. The internet pharmacies spend less on product sales, and it means that high prices are not required and medications may be for sale at wholesale prices of the manufacturer.

Nota bene! Buying Ventolin without prescription, a person takes the whole responsibility and is obliged to take a medication in accordance with the instruction. Visit a doctor as soon as you can and make sure that you take the drug correctly.

If a patient has been taking Ventolin for a long time and knows the required dose, s/he can buy several items of the drug at once and save on the delivery. Moreover, big batches of Ventolin online are for sale at a discount.

Some information about Ventolin

Ventolin is a bronchodilatory product with intensive anti-inflammatory effect. Salbutamol is responsible for the pharmacological action of the drug. This ingredient causes an instant onset of the effect during bronchospasm.

An inhibition of bronchospasm happens in 5 minutes after the use of a dose of Ventolin

A fast action during the bronchospasm is achieved by means of blocking of beta2-adrenoceptors located in the tissues and cells of the smooth muscles. It is a special type of the receptors sensitive to the internal and external irritators. These receptors always have the increased activity during the bronchial asthma. Beta2-adrenoreceptors cause a reaction and acute inflammation of bronchi during the interaction with smoke, dust, pollen, or any other irritators. As a result, the attack of asthma happens, and Salbutamol reduces it. If the activity of the beta2-adrerecoeptis is blocked, the reaction will be lower, and it will reduce an intensity of the bronchospasm.

Ventolin is a medication for the emergency

Many people confuse medications for the background therapy of the bronchial asthma and emergency management. Ventolin belongs to the second category of medications, and it should not be used on a regular basis. The excessive amount of Salbutamol may reduce a sensitivity to the emergency management.

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Recommendations for the use

Ventolin online is for sale in any medical form: pills, solution, and syrup. The best effect is achieved during the use of suspension for the inhalations.

Ventolin suspension is convenient because the action begins at once by means of diffusing the active ingredients in the respiratory tract. If other medical forms are used, it will not help and a person may have the asthma attack.
Buying Ventolin over the counter online, you receive an inhaler with the installed bottle with the suspension. It is very convenient because you start using a new inhaler

- Aerosol is metered-dose
- 1 deep inhale – 1 dose
- To reduce the attack, it is necessary to use 1-2 doses of Ventolin

The inhalations should be done during the first signs of coming bronchospasm. If you know that you are going to contact an allergen, you can use one dose of Ventolin 10 minutes before the expected reaction. It will help to avoid an attack and inconvenience before other people.
Ventolin should be used ONLY DURING BRONCHOSPASM and NOT MORE than 4 times per day.
Remember! The overdose with Salbutamol may cause an acute bronchospasm on the medication, and it leads to the dangerous consequences

Ventolin inhaler is a drug promoting fast relief of bronchoconstriction in people with asthma and other breathing disorders. Learn how to use a Ventolin inhaler. Buy Ventolin inhaler online.
Ventolin is a potent medication aimed at the prevention and relief of asthma attacks and bronchoconstriction triggered by exercising. The medication also helps normal breathing in people suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension.
You can buy Ventolin at our online pharmacy. Besides, you can save a decent sum of money, as the Ventolin inhaler price we set is affordable for any pocket. This is possible due to the offer of both brand and Ventolin generic for purchase. We deliver the medication around the world, including in the USA, Canada, the UK, and other countries.

Be Responsible When Buying Ventolin Online

The availability of Ventolin inhaler over-the-counter gives people a deceptive sense of safety of the medication. When buying Ventolin online, you should keep in mind that it has precautions and contraindications for use, which you have to be aware of.

- be careful if you have cardiovascular health disorders;
- don’t use Ventolin if you are allergic to albuterol;
- avoid drinking alcohol or taking any recreational drugs.

You may develop mouth dryness, nervousness, tremor, headache, cough, and other unwanted reactions when on Ventolin.

How to Use Ventolin Inhaler?

The Ventolin inhaler works for about 4 – 6 hours. Therefore, you may need to use the Ventolin HFA four to six times daily, depending on your condition. For exercise-induced bronchoconstriction, use Ventolin at least 30 minutes before workout. Follow the recommendations of your doctor concerning the dose and the frequency of using the inhaler. By violating the doctor’s advice, you put yourself at high risk of severe adverse reactions with possibly lethal outcomes.

Before using the inhaler for the first time, shake the canister well. The same should be done in case you haven’t used the medication for two weeks or more or after you’ve dropped the canister. Follow the illustrated instruction given on the medication package to use the inhaler correctly. Make one or two test puffs until you see a fine mist. If you need to make two puffs per intake, wait 1 minute between them.

Write by Susan Levy

Ventolin and albuterol are the two drugs used for cutting acute asthma attacks and COPD symptoms. Find out if there is any difference between them and which one to buy to improve your symptoms.

Ventolin vs. Albuterol. The Similarities and Dissimilarities of the Two Drugs

The CDC information claims almost a quarter of adult people and more than 18% of children suffering from asthma use inhalers to control their health condition. Among the most often prescribed inhalers are Ventolin and Albuterol. But is there any difference between the two? In fact, albuterol is a generic name for Ventolin, which means they are two similar preparations with different names. Let’s have a look at other things that characterize the similarities and differences between these two medications.

Ventolin vs. Albuterol. What Do They Have in Common?

Both medications contain albuterol, or as it is also called, salbutamol sulfate as an active component. The concentration of the active substance in Ventolin and Albuterol inhalers is the same. Therefore, they induce the same strong effect, which lasts for 4 – 6 hours regardless of which of the two versions, brand or generic, you use.
Ventolin and albuterol also share the lists of precautions and contraindications for use, which include such conditions as:
- an allergy to any of the components of the inhaler;
- heart health disorders;
- high blood pressure;
- seizure.
Regardless of whether you buy the brand medication or its generic counterpart, you may experience mouth dryness, headache, cough, dizziness, tremor, and increased nervousness as the manifestations of side effects.

Ventolin vs. Albuterol. The Differences

The primary differences between the two lie in the commercial, not the medical field. Ventolin is one of the brand names of albuterol-containing inhalers available on the market. The manufacturer of the brand drug is GlaxoSmithKline, which holds the patent for Ventolin HFA. The generic medication is produced by a number of other companies around the world and doesn’t require patenting. The latter influences the price of the preparation, making the generic version more affordable.

Write by Susan Levy

Which of the two drugs to buy, Ventolin or ProAir? What are the similarities and differences of these medicines? Which would work better for you? Find the answers in the article.

Ventolin vs. ProAir. A Medication Comparison

Facing the challenges of breathing disorders that demand using rescue inhalers, people often face another problem – what inhaler to buy. Today, we’ll speak about the Ventolin and ProAir inhalers.

Things in Common

The active substance in both inhalers is albuterol sulfate. It works by relaxing the smooth muscles of the airways, thus helping enough air to reach the lungs. Doctors prescribe Ventolin and ProAir to people dealing with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and exercise-induced bronchoconstriction. Taking into account that the active ingredient in both medications is the same, the contraindications for use are identical and include known hypersensitivity to albuterol sulfate, severe cardiovascular disorders, and seizures.
Ventolin and ProAir also share the list of unwanted reactions they may provoke:
- sore throat;
- nervousness;
- mouth dryness;
- headache;
- cough;
- tremor, etc.

What Are the Differences?

Unlike ProAir inhaler, which is only available in 200 metered doses, containing 90mcg of albuterol each, Ventolin inhalers come in 60 and 200 metered doses with 90 mcg or 100 mcg dosage strengths.
The efficacy of the medicines is believed to be similar. However, there is some research claiming ProAir may be more beneficial for people using it. This is explained by the parameters of the mist produced by the inhalers. The temperature of the ProAir mist is significantly higher than that of Ventolin, which helps to reduce the unwanted reactions related to the upper respiratory tract. Also, the plume duration produced by the ProAir inhaler is almost twofold greater if compared to its counterpart. Finally, the ProAir inhaler produces twice more fine mist particles, which is also beneficial for the users.

Write by Susan Levy

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