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Levitra today is not so popular product for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. In spite of it, the drug has many advantages before Viagra and Cialis. And if you care of your health and want to have the treatment of the ED without side effects, we recommend you Levitra.

Order Levitra over the counter – Bestseller for old man with ED

Do you remember how much time you spend on making a decision to buy a drug for the erectile dysfunction treatment? You read about the pharmacological properties, instruction for the use, reviews, and try to find men who have had side effects.

Buying a new medication for the ED treatment, we are concerned about our health and do not want to face side effects. It is okay, because a man will have negative symptoms, and a sexual intercourse will be interfered.

Why you should buy Levitra?

Buying Levitra will get rid of concerns. According to data of WHO, it is the safest drug for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction that does not normally cause side effects. Thousand reviews about Levitra on the internet confirm this fact, and you can make sure of it.

Some reviews on our site:
“Levitra is the softest drug for the erectile dysfunction. I used Viagra but I had headache. Now I don’t have it, and I am happy.”
“I started taking Levitra at the age of over 62. I worried that I would have high blood pressure during the sexual intercourse. But I didn’t have any symptoms. I continue taking the pills for 3 years, and the effect makes me happy every day”.
“I had dizziness and headache once during the use of Levitra. I took alcohol and I couldn’t start the sexual intercourse. The pill of Levitra helped me but I couldn’t asleep because of the headache after sex. I cant even imagine what I would have if I took Viagra. I would probably need a medical aid. Levitra is the best I ever taken.”

But even these positive reviews do not give the right to sell Levitra without prescription in the city pharmacies. It is still a medication, even though it has a high safety level. Therefore, the government of the USA requires a sale of Levitra by prescription only.

It cannot stop you because you know where to buy Levitra without prescription.

A low cost and a convenient service of the online pharmacies makes a purchase of any medication as easy as pie. You do not have to stand in lines in the online pharmacies. It is enough to order Levitra with delivery to your city, and then you can do your things. You will definitely have 5 minutes to order online.

Some information about Levitra

Despite a great number of the clinical studies in favor of the high index of the pharmacological safety of Levitra, we highly recommend every man to take this medication in accordance with the instruction. You should take into account precautions and diseases that may be incompatible with the use of Levitra. Therefore, before buying the pills, it is necessary to consult a doctor and have a medical examination.

Levitra is a vasodilator product but it acts only in the organs of the small pelvis and penis. Due to the dilation of the blood vessels in this area, the blood pressure is not reduced, and heart rate is not affected. Therefore, Levitra is prescribed men over 65 who have tachycardia and unstable blood pressure.

A local vasodilator action is explained by a special mechanism of the action of the active ingredient Vardenafil. It inhibits PDE5 enzyme which blocks a release of the nitrogen oxide in the blood vessels of the penis. This enzyme is responsible only for one area, and this area is organs of the small pelvis. The blood vessels are dilated, the blood fills out the tissues of the penis after the inhibition of the PDE5, and a man has erection.

The effect of Levitra is kept within 6 hours. It is not a record but this period is enough to have sex and satisfy a partner.

Recommendations for the use

Every man should restrict himself in a number of pills being used within a day. As the action of Levitra lasts for 6 hours, the pills may be taken once per day. If you do not want to stop, you should continue the sexual intercourse without the help of Levitra.

- The Levitra pill may have 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg Vardenafil
- A dose depends on certain clinical case
- Old men should start the treatment from the dose of 5 mg, and then 10 mg may be used
- Men under 60 may take 10 mg per day, and a higher dose of 20 mg may be used, if needed.

The dose does not influence on the duration of the action or how hard the erection will be. The effect will be identical, the difference will just consist in loading the body.

- The interval between the use of the pills may be 20 hours
- The pills start acting faster, if they are taken with a full glass of water
- The average time of the effect onset is 15 minutes
- Fatty food can slightly slow the onset of the effect but it does not affect the final effect

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