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Isotroin belongs to the therapeutic group of retinoids for the treatment of acne. It is a drug with dozens of patient-years of safety and efficacy that can help you improve your skin condition with a guarantee of meaningful results and safety.

Isotroin Review

Isotroin is a drug based on isotretinoin. Isotroin is indicated in the treatment of severe acne resistant to common topical treatments and characterized by cystic nodule spreading to the trunk.
Isotretinoin, the active ingredient of Isotroin, is a retinoid derived from trans-retinal acid characterized by important biological effects that usually require reprogramming of gene expression.

Taken orally, Isotroin is absorbed at the gastrointestinal level and distributed in a circle mainly bound to albumin, through which it reaches the skin environment where it mainly performs its therapeutic action. Although not entirely characterized, the hypothesized mechanism of action for isotretinoin provides a particular reprogramming of the gene expression that results in:
• reduction of the inflammatory stimulus, probably through the control of the synthesis of anti-inflammatory mediators;
• reduction of keratinocyte proliferation, with normalization of the stratum corneum;
• sebostatic activity, useful for the reduction of sebum production, ideal growth medium for comedogenic bacterial strains such as Propionibacterium acnes;
• reduction in the volume of the sebaceous glands.

All the aforementioned activities guarantee a rapid regression of acne lesions, even of the most inflamed ones, with a restoration of the physiological skin balance.

Recommended use of Isotroin

The therapeutic scheme with systemic retinoids useful in the course of acne, should be defined by a doctor experienced in such treatments, taking into account the needs of the patient, his clinical picture and the potential side effects that such therapy entails.

In principle, the duration of a therapeutic cycle should be between 16 and 24 weeks, while the overall dosage chosen by the doctor should be divided into two different doses to be taken together with the two main meals. Remember that even if you buy Isotroin online, you should consult your doctor as for the exact use of the drug recommended in your case.

Precautionary measures

The oral intake of Isotretinoin necessarily requires the supervision of a doctor experienced in the treatment of retinoids, given the many side effects of the therapy and the high risks for the patient's health.
Isotroin contains among its excipients sorbitol and soy oils, therefore it is contraindicated in patients suffering from fructose intolerance and soy allergic.

Side effects

Treatment with Isotroin is characterized by numerous side effects, which fortunately are dose-dependent and promptly regress once therapy is stopped.

Among the most frequent side effects it is possible to find: anemia, increased ESR, thrombocytopenia, neutropenia, thrombocytosis, headache, epistaxis, nasal dryness, increased transaminases, dermatitis, pruritus, skin exfoliation, increase in triglycerides, arthralgias, myalgia and asthenia.

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