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Generic Diflucan

Diflucan action

Diflucan is an antifungal medical product which destroys cells of fungi and causes a steady improvement of the disease symptoms right after the first day of the use.

This drug may be used for various types of fungous infections: meningitis, sepsis, candidosis (almost all types), mycosis, and also prophylaxis of the fungous infections in HIV patients and transplantation of the internals. Only one tablet is enough for the prevention of the fungous infection during the long therapy by the antibacterial drugs.

Use of Diflucan

Diflucan is one of the strongest antifungal drugs. Adults are enough 200-400 mg once a day for most fungous diseases. The length of the treatment directly depends on the type of the fungous disease and clinical reaction. In case of the severe fungous affections the therapy may last for one year.

Such prolonged treatment does not cause a physiological or psychological addiction, and therefore the increase of the dose is not needed.

The premature termination of the treatment leads to the relapses. Even if you noticed the improvement of the disease symptoms, it is necessary to take Diflucan up to the moment you doctor indicated. Oftentimes, left fungi are quickly restored and reproduced causing a repeated infection.

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