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Cancer is not a verdict. The modern medicine has learned to fight with most types of cancer and now, there are a lot of available and effective products that prolong people’s lives and increase the quality of life in people with malignant tumors.

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Medications for cancer

Cancer is a collective name for all malignant tumors that may appear in the body. These tumors grow quickly and affect healthy cells. Due to this, pathological changes happen in the body incompatible with life. A diagnosis cancer is a verdict for most people because this disease has been untreatable for many years. Now it is possible to treat not all types of the cancer but doctors have learned to cope with a development of the malignant neoplasms, and special medications help to do it.

A surgery is still the only way to remove a tumor. But it is possible to stop a progress of the disease and keep the body with the help of the pharmaceutical products.

The most effective drugs for cancer:

-Droxia may be used in complex or mono-therapy of many types of cancer: cancer of blood, skin, large bowel, and tumors in the head.
-Evista helps to stop a destruction of the bone tissue and favors a reduction of the bone cancer risk especially during post-menopause.
-Nolvadex is a medication to treat hormone types of cancer in women and men. These are often breast cancer, cancer of endometrium and testicles.

How do medications for cancer act?

The mechanism of the action of every drug differs because there are a lot of causes of cancer. The main task of any medication is to neutralize an initiating factor, to block a development of the tumor, and to improve the immune system which will cope with abnormal cells. If metastasis are stopped in time and a spread of the neoplasms is reduced, it is possible to remove the tumor surgically and reduce a threat.

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