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Diabetes is an abnormal increase of the glucose level in the blood. There are two types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2. The diabetes treatment is complicated because the glucose level may be slightly reduced and be controlled, but it is impossible to cure of the disease.
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Medications for Diabetes

The symptoms of diabetes may include high fatigue, loss of vision, regular thirst, excessive urination, affection of the blood vessels, dysfunctions of the cardiovascular system. Diabetes should be treated in combination with a diet and physical exercises but quality and effective medications are obligatory. The excessive increase of the sugar in the blood may cause its thickening and a formation of blood clots and even a heart attack.

The most effective diabetes medications are as follows:

-Amaryl is a hypoglycemic product of the new generation. It provides a double effect: an increase of insulin production and high activity as to glucose.
-Glucophage lowers a sensitivity of glucose to insulin, favors the fat-burning.
-Glucotrol increases a release of insulin, so that the body copes with a high level of glucose in the blood.

How do diabetes medications act?

Insulin is the main hormone which neutralizes glucose in the blood. In order to reduce the glucose level, it is necessary to increase a production of insulin in pancreas or a sensitivity of glucose to insulin in order to have a stronger effect during standard doses. All medications for diabetes work by the same principle but an individual tolerance is different. Therefore it is necessary to look for a drug that works for you best.

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