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Men often face sexual problems. It may be related to psychological state, as well as to any physical issues. Eriacta is the Indian analogue of Viagra and is produced by a pharmaceutical company Ranbaxy. The drug copes well with the symptoms of the erectile dysfunction and restores potency.
The active ingredient Sildenafil gains an optimal concentration in the blood in 40 minutes after the use of Eriacta, and it will be enough to keep erection. The action grows gradually. A man experiences a dilation of the blood vessels in the penis within 15-20 minutes, and then an intensive blood flow goes to the penis tissues. In 30-40 minutes after the use, even the smallest sexual stimulation will cause a hard erection.
Eriacta is just an analogue of Viagra but their pharmacological characteristics are absolutely identical. These medicines contain the same active ingredient Sildenafil citrate. Every pill has 100 mg of the active ingredient. A low cost is not a quality attribute.
Eriacta is produced by the known chemical formula, and Ranbaxy company does not spend millions at the promotion of this brand name. saving on advertising and promotion helps to concentrate on the production of the quality product at a low cost. Many people think that Eriacta is cheaper than Viagra because the quality is not good. But it is not right. A cost of Viagra consists of 70% from a cost of the brand name and just 30% is a real cost of the active ingredient.

What should you know if you take Eriacta for the first time?
Eriacta does not cure of the erectile dysfunction but it just increases erection during the use of the drug. Eriacta does not have a negative influence on the reproductive functions of the male body. A long-term use of Eriacta does not cause a physiological or psychological addiction. The absorption of the active ingredient Sildenafil in the blood is slow during the simultaneous use of Generic Eriacta with the drugs that neutralize a hydrochloric acid in the stomachThe simultaneous use of Eriacta with alcohol may cause a digestion disorder, vomiting, and even an allergic reaction Even if you do not have the improved erection after the first use of Eriacta 100 mg, a daily dose is not increased. The effect grows gradually in some men and reaches the highest concentration in 3-4 times of the use. A duration of every pill is 5 to 7 hours. It should be taken into account when the medicine is used a couple of hours before having sexAnd one more thing, be ready to side effects such as nasal stuffiness, redness of the skin (face and neck), and headache during the use of Eriacta. However, these symptoms appear seldom – during an overdose or interaction of Sildenafil with alcohol.

Write by David Kahan

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