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A lack of hormones of the thyroid gland causes metabolic disorders and complications in the cardiovascular system. Synthroid prevents dysfunctions of the thyroid gland and makes up the hormone deficit.

Synthroid Uses

Synthroid is a medical product which contains a synthetic analogue of the thyroid gland hormones. It has a full range of the pharmacological activity of the endogenic hormones, and provides an influence on metabolism, growth and development of the tissues, functioning of the endocrine function and cardiovascular system.

The main task of Synthroid is to make up a deficit of the thyroid gland hormones. Taking the drug, the growth of the thyroid gland tissues is stopped, and bronchocele is reduced. Synthroid is used during any types of hypothyroidism, relapses of bronchocele, and after thyroidectomy as a result of the developed malignant tumor.

Synthroid Interactions & Dosage

When hypothyroidism is diagnosed, it is not recommended to take Synthroid without prescription. If you want to buy Synthroid online, it is necessary to consult a doctor and get individual recommendations.

Synthroid is taken by an individual scheme which is based on:
- Clinical presentation of a patient
- Patient’s body mass
- Patient’s age
- Sex
- Level of a deficit of the thyroid gland hormones.

The pills of Synthroid are taken every day regardless of meals, with enough water.
- Hypothyroidism at initial stage: Synthroid 25-100 mg per day
- Severe types pf hypothyroidism: Synthroid 100-200 mg per day
- After thyroidectomy: 150-300 mg Synthroid per day on a regular basis.

Synthroid Precautions

- Synthroid reduces a pharmacological action of insulin, and that is why patients having the treatment of pancreatic diabetes should control the level of glucose in the blood.

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