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Erectile Dysfunction medication

These medications can be taken by men of any age. There is no need to use additional devices, the action starts quickly and lasts for a long period of time

Lately, the problem of erectile dysfunction is often discussed. It is not surprising because more and more men complain about the problems with erections. There are many explanations to this as there is a great number of causes, preconditions, and other factors affecting male potency. Each man knows for sure that only a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, and absence of the bad habits may guarantee a good erection even at a senior age. However, many people do not know this and now are suffering from a bad erection.

That is why special attention should be paid to oral medications which are used in order to remove symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Such drugs as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and their Generics often save not only honour and dignity of a man but also save marriage, family and pleasant relationships with girls.

Viagra or more exactly the active component Sildenafil is the first oral medication that has been invented for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It has considerably made a struggle with impotence easier as a man can quickly take one ill of Viagra and thus improve a stimulation of the blood vessels which bring blood to penis. So, two problems are solved at once: the first one is a temporary restoration of the potency to have sexual intercourse; and the second one is an absence of the congestion of the penis muscles due to which erectile dysfunction does not progress.

And by analogy with Sildenafil the rest drugs have been produced which have identical pharmacological action but they differ by their pharmacological properties.
The only drawback of oral medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is an absence of a curable effect. All drugs act for a certain period of time. Regardless of the medication – Viagra, Cialis, Levitra – the pharmacological action ends and a man has to take one more pill in order to gain erection again. But this drawback pales before all benefits of the oral medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

These medications can be taken by men of any age. There is no need to use additional devices, the action starts quickly and lasts for a long period of time. There is no need to have surgery, and the action of these pills differs by the high level of pharmacological safety.
Many men have already tried these medications and noted good results and blameless tolerance of the pills. Some people have doubts and try to use natural remedies to solve the problems of impotence. It is necessary to bear in mind that only a qualified healthcare provider will be able to prescribe you a quality treatment and find out the cause of the disease. Having removed the cause you will forget about the problems with erection forever. But if you try to make somebody worse, a relapse will happen in some period of time and you will lose your potency forever. That is why do not delay it.

By Dr. Susan Levy, MD

  • Education: – B.A., Connecticut College, M.A., JFK University Ph.D., Oregon State University
  • Professional Memberships: Society for Behavioral Medicine, American College of Sports Medicine, North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
  • Research Areas: My research interests focus on examining motivation for exercise adoption and maintenance, with a particular interest in the role of self-perceptions on exercise behaviors. My research has recently addressed exercise and physical activity patterns of middle-aged and older adults with arthritis. This work has been conducted in collaboration with faculty from the Graduate School of Public Health. I am also interested in measurement issues and statistical designs best suited to the assessment of related constructs.