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Have you thought that buying antibiotics may be simple and faster?

Many people still think that buying on the internet is something dangerous and unpredictable. In spite of it, according to the statistics, the sales of medications in online pharmacies grow every year. Today it is possible to buy Amoxil without prescription and get a qualified help of a pharmacist on the internet.

You still do not believe in opportunity to buy Amoxil over the counter, do you?

Buying Amoxil online, you will have a quality antibiotic, and a qualified help of a pharmacist free of charge.
There is much concern about the treatment of the infectious diseases in the modern medicine. Bacteria quickly affect healthy cells, and it causes instant progress of infection. It is sometimes difficult to visit a doctor in large cities and small towns. There are lines for several hours in order to have a medical examination and a prescription. And Amoxil is for sale by prescription in the city pharmacies only.

However, it is not the biggest problem. It is not difficult to take a prescription. It is difficult to find money for the treatment. A complete antibacterial course may sometimes cost several thousand dollars. But you know, that this cost is not real. A real cost of the antibiotics is lower but the pharmacy chains set a high extra charge in order to get profit. Therefore, many experts recommend buying Amoxil online: it is safe and fast.

Main advantages of buying Amoxil online:

-No prescription
-Costs are by 2-3 times lower
-Fast delivery
-Free pharmacist’s consultation
-A wide choice of dosing
-Medication is always available

Some information about Amoxil

Amoxil is one of the trade names of the antibacterial product Amoxicillin. The active ingredient has been developed 50 years ago, and it is still a leading antibiotic for many diseases. Despite some drawbacks of the penicillin antibiotic, Amoxicillin gives high results in the treatment of infections of light and middle severity.

The activity as to bacteria is high. The following bacteria are sensitive to the drug:
-Aerobic gram-positive staphylococci and streptococci
-Causative agents of gonorrhea,
-E. coli,
-Salmonella and Klebsiella.

Most patients feel a relief within 5 days after the started use of Amoxil.
The mechanism of the action is simple. Reaching the body, Amoxicillin is absorbed into the blood plasma, and then it penetrates into the affected area. It causes a destruction of the natural biological processes as a result of which bacteria cannot grow and replicate.
Nowadays, Amoxil is one of few antibiotics with the maximal safety index, and it is allowed for children. The antibiotics are usually not recommended patients under 12 because they provide an aggressive action on the pathogenic microflora and cause dysbiosis or other side effects.

Recommendations for the use

Most clinical cases do not require the use of Amoxicillin in the form of injection. That is why, the most common medical form of the drug is pills.
Buying the Amoxil pills, it is necessary to know a therapeutic dose required in certain clinical case. The most reasonable way is a doctor’s consultation. But if you do not have such opportunity, you may contact a pharmacist of the pharmacy. S/he cannot make a diagnosis but s/he will give you a temporal dose according to your symptoms, and it will help you to stay healthy before you go to a doctor.

Children under 12:
-A minimal dose 250 mg per day, 2 times. The pill may be divided into half and be given to a baby with the interval of 8 hours. It works for children at the age of under 7.
-The optimal dose for children at the age of 7 to 12 is 500 mg per day. In case of the severe infection, 750 mg is used per day.

Adults and teenagers over 12:
-A minimal dose of 750 mg per day
-The maximal dose of 1500 mg per day
-Do not take the whole dose at once. Low doses may be divided into two or the dose of 250 mg may be used. High doses are divided into 3 parts: 500 mg each.

The treatment is long regardless of patient’s age and dosing: at least 5 days. In most cases, 7-10 days are enough to completely reduce the disease symptoms.
We believe that it is enough to take quality antibiotics in the proper dose for the full recovery. Do not abuse Amoxil in order to avoid bacteria resistance. And do not neglect the treatment because the development of the infection leads to complications. If you had to refuse from the antibiotics because of the high prices, now you know where to buy cheap Amoxil from the official manufacturer.

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