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Sildenafil Citrate
Sildenafil Citrate

Being a complete analogue of Viagra, Kamagra has won many good reviews and is for sale in all cities in the USA.
Kamagra reminds Viagra because it is its Generic. But despite a great similarity, Kamagra is supplied from India and costs by several times cheaper. It is cost-efficient to buy Kamagra than expensive original Viagra in order to treat the erectile dysfunction.

Kamagra online at affordable prices

We do our best, so that every man has an access to the highly quality pills to treat the erectile dysfunction. There are many medications at high prices in the city pharmacies: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. Not every man can regularly use them to improve the potency.
That is why, the Indian Kamagra is a great alternative to the expensive tablets. Do not think that a low cost of Kamagra online is a sign of a bad quality. The Indian pharmaceutical companies reduce a final cost of the pills for a consumer by means of the reduced expenses on marketing.
We control a delivery of only quality, clear pills of Kamagra. We do not ask for a prescription because we know that a confidentiality is important during the treatment of the ED.
But buying cheap Kamagra online, you should realize a responsibility of the self-treatment of the erectile dysfunction. These pills are not magical. In order to return a sexual health, you should go to a doctor.

Short Kamagra information

Kamagra helps men with the erectile dysfunction to return a temporal erection in order to have sex. It is a drug on the basis of Sildenafil citrate which has been developed by the molecular formula of Viagra.
The Indian manufacturers have developed an exact copy of Viagra and got an approval of FDA. Due to the lower expenses on the production, the Indian analogue is cheaper, and men with middle and low income level can regularly take the pills.
Kamagra is PDE5 inhibitor and dilates the blood vessels in the tissues of the penis. Due to the dilation of the blood vessels, the blood flow is improved in the penis during the sexual arousal. Due to this, a hard erection appears.
The pharmacological action of Kamagra has a temporary effect. It means that the drug acts within 4-5 hours, and then is loses its action. It happens because Sildenafil stimulates erection only during the sexual arousal and is not able to cause a mechanical erection, as needed. Due to its efficiency, Kamagra acts during any type of the erectile dysfunction, and a man will have the improved erection after the use of the pill.

Recommendations for the use

The beginners should carefully take Kamagra because an overdose may happen because of the use of a high dose. If you started taking Kamagra and have never used Sildenafil before, try a low dose of 50 mg per day. You should take the pill of Kamagra 50 mg one hour before the sexual intercourse.
- Take the pill with a glass of water
- The effect will appear faster, if the drug is taken on an empty stomach or in 2-3 hours after meals.

If you do not have side effects after the use of Kamagra in the low dose of 50 mg, the dose may be increased up to 100 mg. It is the maximal dose which provides the strongest effect on your potency.
- Take Kamagra 100 mg once per day only
- Do not take the pills during alcohol intoxication

A high index of the pharmacological safety allows taking Kamagra within a long period. Even if you take the pills within 1-2 years or more, no physiological changes appear in the erectile mechanism. Sildenafil does not cause an addiction and does not harm the potency.

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