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Anti-inflammatories have a universal action and are able to remove inflammation and pain in various parts of the body. The treatment of serious pathological processes would be difficult without them.

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About Anti-inflammatories medications

An inflammation is a common reaction of the body to the action of the disturbing factor of the external environment: infectious, chemical, physical and others. This process plays a significant role in most cases because it reduces the affected area and activates the protective functions of the body. However, an inflammatory process is accompanied by the symptoms that cause discomfort, and therefore it is necessary to fight with it. Special anti-inflammatories cope with this task and they act in the affected area and help to relieve the symptoms.

The most effective anti-inflammatories:

-Deltasone is a hormone anti-inflammatory drug with a strong action. It inhibits the severest inflammatory reactions during which non-hormone drugs are ineffective.
-Feldene is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug of the broad action. It copes with the inflammations of any severity level.
-Lodine inhibits synthesis of the prostaglandins in the affected area, and this way the drug reduces a sensitivity of the pain receptors to the inflammatory mediators.

How do anti-inflammatories act?

A mechanism of the pharmacological action of the anti-inflammatory drugs consists in the inhibition of the chemical ingredients that cause an inflammation: COX-1, COX-2, prostaglandins, arachidonic acid, and others. Due to this, the inflammatory process is reduced, and the symptoms such as fever, pain, and shivers disappear.

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