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Generic Neurontin

Neurontin drug action

Neurontin reduces the frequency of spasms and increases the pain threshold in patients with neuropathic pain or local convulsions diagnosis. According to the class of the pharmacological action this drug belongs to the anticonvulsive remedies, however, its mechanism of the action differs from the analogical medications. This allows using Neurontin in cases when other anticonvulsive drugs did not cause the improvement of the physical condition of the patient.

Use of Neurontin

If you want to gain fast results and reduce the symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to take high doses. Usually, adults are prescribed the initial dose of 300 mg 3 times a day. Then the dosage may be increased maximally up to 3600 mg a day (3 equal uses of 1200 mg). Do not be afraid of such high doses because it is necessary to set many receptors in motion for the optimal pharmacological action, and this will not be gained with low doses.

If it is needed to reduce the dose, cancel the drug, or replace it but the alternative remedy, it is necessary to do it gradually within at least one week. Do not refuse from the use of the drug at once because this may cause a sudden relapse of the disease and worsening of the present symptoms. Taking Neurontin it is necessary to follow all permissible precautions because the side effects may be dangerous for the health condition.

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