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Generic Neurontin

Neurontin drug action

Neurontin reduces the frequency of spasms and increases the pain threshold in patients with neuropathic pain or local convulsions diagnosis. According to the class of the pharmacological action this drug belongs to the anticonvulsive remedies, however, its mechanism of the action differs from the analogical medications. This allows using Neurontin in cases when other anticonvulsive drugs did not cause the improvement of the physical condition of the patient.

Neurontin Uses. How Neurontin Can Help Your Health Condition?

Neurontin is a potent preparation used in the therapy of patients dealing with partial seizures and neuropathic pain. It is also sometimes used off-label. Buy Neurontin online on the best terms.

Neurontin Uses. What Conditions Can Neurontin Treat?

Neurontin (gabapentin) is a drug from the class of gabapentinoids. It is used in health care since 1993. This medication has a moderate level of efficacy and works in 30 – 40% of people taking Neurontin for pain. Nevertheless, several years ago, this drug became the 11th most often prescribed drug in the US. Although Neurontin is officially approved for a limited number of medical conditions, this drug is also widely used off-label.

The On-Label Uses of Neurontin

The FDA officially allows prescribing Neurontin for two medical conditions:
- postherpetic neuralgia in adult people, usually associated with shingles;
- partial-onset seizures in people aged 3 and older.
Neurontin helps to relieve neuropathic pain, thus improving the quality of life of such people. As for the seizures, this medication can both prevent and control this medical condition.

The Off-Label Uses of Neurontin

Insufficient scientific evidence of Neurontin efficacy for other health conditions doesn’t stop people from using this medication off-label. Actually, the conditions Neurontin generic is used for are much more numerous than those approved officially.
- Anxiety. The anxiolytic effect of the preparation was first revealed in animal studies. The preparation improves the quality of sleep in people with anxiety. Scientists also claim Neurontin can deal with social phobia, which is a kind of anxiety disorder.
- Panic and agoraphobia. Although gabapentin hasn’t shown any efficacy in people suffering from light-to-moderately ill patients, the drug works in those dealing with severe forms of the disease, especially in women.
- Migraine headaches. The impact of Neurontin active substance on the CNS is believed to have a beneficial effect on the treatment of migraine headaches.
- Nystagmus. Involuntary eye movements or nystagmus are also often treated with Neurontin. However, this drug is only efficacious in torsional, pendular, and infantile nystagmus.
- Other uses. Neurontin is also often applied to ease the symptoms of restless legs syndrome, orthostatic tremor, spasticity related to multiple sclerosis, and other health issues.

One of the most common off-label uses of Neurontin is the treatment of anxiety disorders. However, it is efficacious in cutting only some symptoms of this disorder. Buy Neurontin for anxiety online.

Neurontin for Anxiety. Does Neurontin Work for Anxiety Disorders?

Neurontin is an FDA-approved drug to treat neuropathic pain. It is also applied in complex therapy of seizure disorders. However, these are not the only uses of this preparation. Neurontin is also used off-label to manage certain manifestations of anxiety disorders.
Although Neurontin is a prescription-only medication, you can order it online over-the-counter with the possibility to receive the preparation in almost any country around the globe.

What Is Neurontin? How Does It Help Anxiety Disorder?

The active substance in Neurontin is called gabapentin. It is known for its anticonvulsant and antiepileptic properties. However, in animal studies, this medication showed to possess an anxiolytic effect as well.
This medication can help you normalize sleep and cope with anxiety-associated insomnia. Neurontin is efficacious in the case of social phobia and is considered to act beneficially on people dealing with severe panic and agoraphobia. The preparation reduces the frequency and the severity of panic attacks, allowing people to live a normal life.
It’s difficult to evaluate the efficacy of this medication for anxiety, as scientific evidence and quality controlled clinical trials are still insufficient for making the necessary conclusions.

How to Use Neurontin for Anxiety?

Taking into account that Neurontin is not approved for medical use in people with anxiety, you won’t find any official recommendations regarding the dosage or duration of treatment. The choice of the correct dosing regimen is all to your healthcare provider. The task of the patient in such a case is to stick to the doctor’s recommendations and never exceed the prescribed dosage.
- The dosage of the medication depends on the severity of your condition.
- You will need to start with the lower dose (usually 300 mg/3 times daily) and gradually increase it until you get the desired therapeutic effect.
- Take the pills/ capsules at even spaces of time to keep the levels of gabapentin stable in the system.
The intake of Neurontin for anxiety needs you to be cautious, as no one can guarantee neither the safety nor the efficacy of this preparation for your disease.

Write by David Kahan

Neurontin is a medication used to cut and prevent seizures, ease neuropathic pain, and relieve the symptoms of anxiety. Use this review to learn about the properties of the drug before buying it online.

Neurontin Review. What Should One Know about Neurontin?

Neurontin is a medication, producing anticonvulsant and anxiolytic effects. The drug can effectively manage central (neuropathic) pain in people affected by shingles and diabetic patients. This medication is also efficacious as a constituent of complex therapy of seizure disorders in children and adults. The drug also has several off-label uses, including anxiety and panic disorders, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, some type of nystagmus, tremor, and so on.

How to Use Neurontin?

You should be careful when taking Neurontin and stick to the recommendations of your doctor. Your dosage and duration of treatment will be based on your medical condition and response to the therapy. Doctors usually prescribe low doses of Neurontin and increase them every 3 – 4 days, depending on the patient response.
- You may take the medication regardless of meals, washing the pill/ capsule down with a glass of water.
- Try not to miss doses and take the medication at even spaces of time to keep its concentrations stable in the body. This will help the drug work better and reach the clinical effect faster.
- You may buy Neurontin 600 mg pills and split them into 2 when you only begin the treatment. This will save you some money. There’s no way you can repeat this practice with capsules.
- Don’t stop taking the medication abruptly because this may exacerbate your health condition.

Precautions to Neurontin Drug

The intake of prescription medicines, like Neurontin, always bears some risks for severe adverse reactions, which get higher if you are a person from a group of risk or the one who is contraindicated to take gabapentin. Avoid this preparation if:
- you are allergic to gabapentin or pregabalin as this may trigger severe hypersensitivity reaction;
- you suffer from the severe renal disorder (your dose may need to be adjusted in less severe cases);
- you have mental health problems related to unstable mood or depression;
- you abuse alcohol (unless you use Neurontin for fighting it).
Some people may develop unwanted reactions when on Neurontin even if they don’t suffer any comorbid conditions. The reactions reported most often include blurred vision, dizziness, sleepiness, trouble with coordination.

Write by Amir Bacchus

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