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Topamax Oral Drug

Topamax may be used for epilepsy in adults and children over 2 years old. If the patient was diagnosed the initial stage of epilepsy, the drug may be used as a single therapy, and in case of the chronic epilepsy a combination of the drug with other antiepileptic remedies is needed. Topamax does not cure of epilepsy but it effectively reduces the frequency of the relapses and attacks. For this a long-term therapy is needed which may last for several months and even a year.

Uses of Topamax

In order to determine the level of the medication efficiency the dosage regimen is usually indicated by means of the gradual increase of the daily dosage. At first it is necessary to take 200 mg a day, then it is increased every week by 25-50 mg until gaining the optimal therapeutic effect. It is necessary to increase the dosage under the supervision of the doctor because it is necessary to exactly see how effective the increase of the dose is and determine the further dosage regimen.
A big attention should be paid to the gradual refusal to take the drug. Do not terminate the use of Topamax at once because the withdrawal syndrome is possible and due to this the entire result of the treatment may be broken. To terminate the treatment it is also necessary to lower the dose every week by 25-50 mg and after gaining the minimal dose it is possible to completely refuse from the further use.

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