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Fungal diseases appear as a result of causal fungus spores in the human body. They are easily treatable, if the symptoms are detected at once and the antifungal medications are used. You will find a full list of medications on our website.

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Antifungal Medications

Fungal diseases may affect a mucous membrane, skin, and nails, may penetrate inside the body and cause a deep fungal disease. Fungus is quickly spread and has negative symptoms: itching, peeling of the skin, hair loss, discharges from genitals, unpleasant smell, changed structure of skin and nails, and others.

However, a fungal disease may be quickly treated during the complex treatment. The most important is to select the most effective drugs which fungi are vulnerable to.

The most effective antifungal medications are as follows:

-Diflucan is very effective during candidiasis, able to treat thrush in a day.
-Lamisil has a broad anti-fungal action and kills yeast, mold fungi, dermatophytes, and others.
-Nizoral is released in the form of gel, shampoo, pills and works for the treatment of any mycosis.

How do antifungal medications act?

All antifungal medications cause a degradation of fungi on the cellular level. They penetrate inside the DNA of the pathogenic fungi and break the natural vital processes. As a result, mycosis is gradually reduced, and the symptoms pass.

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