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Herpes virus is simply passed from human to human, and therefore it is regarded as the most dangerous virus. But even if you noticed the symptoms of labial or genital herpes, do not worry. You may buy Valtrex online and quickly stop a development of the symptoms.

Valtrex Review

Valtrex is considered the gold standard in the treatment of the herpetic infection. It contains Valacyclovir that neutralizes the activity of viruses and promotes the increase of the natural protective functions of the body.
The basic function of this ingredient consists in a disorder of the natural chains of the herpes virus DNA. Due to this, they are not able to develop and quickly lose the ability to affect new tissues.

Nowadays Valacyclovir is the only specialized medication to treat herpes virus of any type. It is active as to all types of this disease:
- Herpes simplex virus: labial, genital.
- Herpes zoster.
- Cytomegalovirus infection.

Recommended Use of Valtrex

Valtrex does not act instantly but it completely stops a development of the herpetic infection within several days. The scheme of the treatment depends on a diagnosis, clinical patterns, and performance status of a patient.
- To treat genital and labial herpes, take Valtrex 500 mg two times per day within 5 days. If the disease does not pass, take the pills for 10 days.
- To treat herpes zoster: Valtrex 1000 mg 3 times per day. The therapy takes 7 days.
- To prevent a transmission of the genital herpes from an infected partner to a healthy one: 500 mg once per day. The pills are taken both during recrudescence, and decline of the disease. The course of the treatment should be 12 months.

These recommendations about the dosing are applied for people with normal and low immune status.

The pills are taken at the convenient time, and it may be taken even after fatty food. Do not take the pills with grapefruit juice, and avoid alcohol during the treatment.

Precautionary Measures

- Take a due care during the severe diseases of the kidneys, organic lesions of the central nervous system.
- Children at the age of under 12 are not prescribed Valtrex.
- In case of the clinical manifestations of the HIV-infection, take the drug under doctor's control following the sparing therapy.

Side Effects

The side effects of Valtrex are rare, especially if the medication is taken in appropriate dosing. However, some patients may have high sensitivity to the action of Valacyclovir. Due to this, they experience as follows:
- Nausea
- Vomiting
- Headache

If the side effects still bother you and bring discomfort, consult a doctor.

As of today, Valtrex has proved itself as a medication with a high level of the pharmacological safety. So, if you do not have contraindications or immunodeficiency, you may buy Valtrex without prescription and not worry about the results of the treatment.

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