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Generic Zovirax

Zovirax Ointment

Zovirax belongs to the number of the strongest antiviral drugs. The action of acyclovir (an active component of Zovirax) to viruses has a highly-selective character. It means that this drug affects only certain types of viruses which pose a threat to human and are sometimes incompatible with productive life. Such viruses include herpes simplex of 1 and 2 type including the primary and relapsing genital herpes, chicken pox, and also treatment of immunodeficiency virus in combination with complex therapy.

In each separate clinical case the patient is prescribed individual recommendations for the use of the drug, dosage regimen, and the sensitivity to the drug components is studied. On the average, the patients are enough 5-day course treating the herpes virus. Within 5 days it is necessary to take 200 mg 5 times a day. If the results of analyses indicate that virus is in the active stage, the use of Zovirax is continued. For severer infections (chicken pox, HIV) the higher dose is prescribed: 800 mg 5 times a day. The length of the drug use us determined by your attending doctor based on the results of the clinical analyses which should be done in the process of the treatment to control the functions of the body and efficiency of the treatment.

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