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Have you ever thought that you may have alopecia, sooner or later? Are you ready for these changes, and will you do without your thick hair?
Many men understand that alopecia is a fact of life with ageing. But it does not mean that it is necessary to put up with hair loss. Buying Propecia you will forget about alopecia, and you will have beautiful and healthy hair even at old age. Today Propecia is the only medication for alopecia which acts without side effects, is approved by FDA and works for all men.

Buying Propecia will give your hair the second life

Have you noticed that there are a lot of products for hair care on the counters of shops and pharmacies? There are a lot of products for the hair loss treatment. Special shampoos and masks for hair will not help you to return the lost hair because a cause of alopecia is inside the body.

The pharmaceutical method of the alopecia treatment is considered as effective and satisfactory for men. A man can return healthy and strong hair only during the regular and long treatment with the help of Propecia. To treat alopecia, buying Propecia is not enough. It is necessary to have a year-long therapeutic course which will help to regulate the processes in your body.

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Therefore, if you noticed an intensive hair loss, do not waste your time on shampoos. Go to a trichologist as soon as possible. A doctor will find out a cause of the alopecia and prescribe you Propecia.

Buying Propecia online is not just something special for men living in the USA and Canada within the past 5 years. Everybody wants to look good. And if women have cosmetic products for this, men have Propecia.

Now it is not necessary to have a prescription for Propecia because you can buy Propecia over the counter online.

Internet pharmacies have many advantages:

- Propecia online costs by several times cheaper
- Medications are always available
- No lines
- Buying without prescription is a common thing

And don’t think that cheap Propecia is fake or unreal. This drug is for sale at a wholesale price, without extra charges (as in city pharmacies) in the online pharmacies. Just think what do you pay for medications in the pharmacies in the city, and now think what can you save on buying them on the internet. There is no difference. There are licensed medications from the reliable manufacturers in both regular pharmacy, and online pharmacy.

Some information about Propecia

Propecia has a very interesting therapeutic effect. This drug has been developed for the treatment of the benign prostatic hyperplasia. Its active ingredient Finasteride effectively reduces a production of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that causes changes in the prostatic gland.

But it turns out that dihydrotestosterone is also responsible for the destruction of the hair follicles. The effect of Propecia was accidentally found. Men taking Finasteride found out that they had hair growth. And the tests showed, that hair follicles were restored. This way, after a long-term clinical studies, FDA approved Propecia for the treatment of the androgenic type of alopecia.

Unfortunately, Finasteride is ineffective during other types of alopecia. According to the statistics, about 90% of hair loss is androgenic.

Recommendations for the use

Nota Bene! Propecia is a medication, and the pills should be used only after doctor’s consultation despite the absence of the intensive side effects. Make sure that you have read the instruction thoroughly and take the medication by the indicated dosing.

- Propecia works only during long-term treatment – 6 to 12 months
- A man has to take a pill every day
- Each pill contains 1 mg Finasteride. It is a standard fixed dose.

A production of dihydrotestosterone is reduced by more than 60% within 24 hours after the use of Propecia 1 mg. The effect grows during the further use.

- The hair loss is reduced within the first 3 months
- The recovery of the hair follicles function happens within 3 to 6 months
- New hair grows within 6 to 9 months
- The use of Propecia will fix the result within 9 to 12 months

You should be ready for a long-term treatment and should not stop the use of the pills up to the complete recovery of the hair. If the treatment is terminated too soon, dihydrotestosterone will break hair follicles, and the hair loss will start again.

The treatment of alopecia is real in the 21 century, and it is proved in the course of the clinical tests as well as the practical experiments. The most effective, safe, and easy way of the alopecia treatment is the drug therapy. Propecia is the leading product on the pharmaceutical market in the field of the alopecia medicines.
Propecia is a hormone product for alopecia, which restores the hair follicles, regulates the level of dihydrotestosterone, and improves the hair growth. Propecia makes new hair not only volume but also long, and therefore new hair looks more well-conditioned, beautiful, and luxurious.
Despite the fact that Propecia is a hormone product it is completely safe for men. During the studies of this medicine no dangerous side effects and pathologic changes in the hormone system are detected. On the contrary, the natural concentration of testosterone is restored during the use of Propecia, and the man feels better.
If you still have doubts in the efficiency and safety of this drug, you may read many Propecia reviews of the respectful medical sources, and men who have taken this medicine. The positive Propecia reviews give a guarantee that this medicines has already helped million men, and will help you if you face the same problem. If most medicines cannot be called magic, this characteristic works well for Propecia drug. It is really magic drug as there are no analogs which could restore the hair even during 90% of the hair loss.
However, there is a very important peculiarity when Propecia will work or not. This medicine is effective only during androgenetic alopecia. It is a type of alopecia which is related to the hormone changes in the male body. When the level of dihydrotestosterone increases the level of testosterone, hair follicles suffer, so that hair is lost. Propecia gives good results only during such form of alopecia. You will not find Propecia reviews of men who treated circumscribed or alopecia areata because this product is ineffective during these forms of the disease.

Write by David Kahan

According to data of statistics about 60-65% of men older than 35 years old suffer from alopecia. There are several forms of alopecia which are developed differently and have different symptoms and peculiar signs. Alopecia differently influences on the psychological and emotional state of the man, and therefore this problem is paid big attention.
Finasteride (Propecia) has been actively used to treat alopecia within the past years. This drug effectively and safely increases the hair growth, slows down the hair loss and helps to restore the normal work of the hair follicles by means of the regulation of the concentration of the male sexual hormones. But Propecia works in not all cases but only during androgenic alopecia.
In the course of the past clinical studies the scientists have managed to find a universal method of alopecia treatment which consists in the transformation of the cells of the adult human into stem cells for the hair growth.
The studies in this field have been conducted for a long time but, as a rule, it was on the level of the clinical studies and no one managed to produce the enough quantity of the stem cells.

How does the mechanism of the production of stem cells occur?
The stem cells are synthesized by means of the transformation of the skin cells with the addition of three genes. The human skin, i.e. its cellular structure may be turned into any types of the cells including epithelial stem cells by means of the chemical molecular transformations.
The epithelial stem cells forms the basis of the hair follicles, so that producing the main material of the hair follicles it is possible to increase their number and improve their work. The regenerated cells are implanted into the hair follicles due to which the process of the hair loss is stopped and the growth of new, thick hair is possible.
However, the creation of the epithelial stem cells is not a panacea for alopecia. It is only one of the stages of this disease treatment. There are several factors which should be worked at in order to completely stop the process of the hair loss and regulate the work of the hair follicles. Half of the way is already passed but another one is left in the way to the complete recovery of men and women of alopecia.

Write by Susan Levy

Propecia which is positioned as the first effective drug for alopecia on the market has serious side effects which affect sexual function of the man and may cause erectile dysfunction. Earlier it was stated that Finasteride is the basic active ingredient of Propecia and does not cause any side effects in men and is well tolerated even during the prolonged use.
Recent clinical studies of this drug have shown that the hormonal changes of the testosterone level which occur under the influence of Finasteride may become the main cause of the erectile dysfunction. Despite the fact that the change of the potency while taking this drug is a temporal condition this may bring additional discomfort and worsen the man’s life. In chase of the beautiful hair you may lose your personal life and beloved woman, and therefore before starting the treatment it is necessary to detect pros and cons of this medication.
After the conducted studies FDA have started to consider this problem more deeply and made manufacturers indicate the side effects of this drug connected with the worsening of the erection in the instruction. Also, according to the complaints of some men this drug caused a disorder of ejaculation but for certain period of time. After the end of the treatment the function of ejaculation has restored completely.
The endocrine causes of the erectile dysfunction while taking Finasteride are hard to be treated. If the potency of the man is not restored after the end of the medication usage for alopecia, it is necessary to go the medial specialist right away. The matter is that if the psychological or organic type of the erectile dysfunction is restored in a couple of months, the endocrine etymology of the disease requires more complicated treatment and long complex of measures.
That is why doctors are concerned that during the appearance of this type of impotence men will not be able to quickly restore their reproductive function and it will be necessary to use extra measures to regulate the hormone balance.According to the offer of FDA a new annotation for Propecia was represented and it states that sexual disorders from the medication may be longer than it was mentioned earlier although such long manifestations are rather seldom.
Perhaps, this may affect the sales of Finasteride, however almost all medical drugs have one or another side effects and this does not prevent people from using it. Now men will consider the treatment in details and pay attention to safety of the use of Propecia. But if you do not abuse this medication and have a medical examination constantly, risks of the development of the side effects will be reduced.

Write by Susan Levy

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