Propecia side effects may cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Propecia which is positioned as the first effective drug for alopecia on the market has serious side effects which affect the sexual function of the man and may cause erectile dysfunction

Propecia which is positioned as the first effective drug for alopecia on the market has serious side effects which affect the sexual function of the man and may cause erectile dysfunction. Earlier it was stated that Finasteride is the basic active ingredient of Propecia and does not cause any side effects in men and is well tolerated even during prolonged use.

Recent clinical studies of this drug have shown that the hormonal changes of the testosterone level which occur under the influence of Finasteride may become the main cause of erectile dysfunction. Despite the fact that the change of the potency while taking this drug is a temporal condition this may bring additional discomfort and worsen the man’s life. In case of the beautiful hair, you may lose your personal life and beloved woman, and therefore before starting the treatment, it is necessary to detect the pros and cons of this medication.

After the conducted studies FDA started to consider this problem more deeply and made manufacturers indicate the side effects of this drug connected with the worsening of the erection in the instruction. Also, according to the complaints of some men, this drug caused a disorder of ejaculation but for a certain period of time. After the end of the treatment, the function of ejaculation has been restored completely.
The endocrine causes of erectile dysfunction while taking Finasteride are hard to be treated. If the potency of the man is not restored after the end of the medication used for alopecia, it is necessary to go to the medical specialist right away. The matter is that if the psychological or organic type of erectile dysfunction is restored in a couple of months, the endocrine etymology of the disease requires more complicated treatment and a long complex of measures.

That is why doctors are concerned that during the appearance of this type of impotence men will not be able to quickly restore their reproductive function and it will be necessary to use extra measures to regulate the hormone balance. According to the offer of FDA a new annotation for Propecia was represented and it states that sexual disorders from the medication may be longer than it was mentioned earlier although such long manifestations are rather seldom.

Perhaps, this may affect the sales of Finasteride, however, almost all medical drugs have one or another side effect and this does not prevent people from using it. Now men will consider the treatment in detail and pay attention to the safety of the use of Propecia. But if you do not abuse this medication and have a medical examination constantly, the risks of the development of side effects will be reduced.

By Dr. Susan Levy, MD

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