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Strattera is a well-studied and the safest medication for children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. It restores the cognitive functions, improves the behavioral factors and does not normally cause adverse effects. Strattera without prescription is for sale online only, with the delivery to any country in the world.

Strattera: Uses & Interactions

Strattera is the only medication to treat ADHD and does not cause a narcotic addiction during the use in the therapeutic doses. This medication is based on Atomoxetine that differs from all classical psychostimulants that have been used for the treatment of this diagnosis before.

A therapeutic effect develops gradually by means of the increased level of noradrenaline in the tissues of the brain. At the same time, Strattera does not cause a direct stimulation of the brain activity, and therefore the action of the medication is soft, and patients seldom have side symptoms peculiar for the psychostimulant agents.

Atomoxetine improves metabolic processes in the brain, and does not cause a withdrawal syndrome. That is why, patients easily refuse from the treatment after achieving a therapeutic effect.

Strattera dosage

Strattera is produced in pills for the oral use. A dose is individual depending on a patient’s age and body mass. The daily dose of Strattera is taken once per day.
-Children at the age of 6 to 16 and patients with the body mass less than 70 kg are recommended to take 0,5-1 mg Strattera per 1 kg body mass.
-Patients over 16 with the body mass over 70 kg should start the treatment from the dose of 40 mg Strattera per day, gradually increasing it up to 80 mg – 120 mg, not more.
The treatment is continued till the optimal results are achieved in the treatment of the ADHD. The treatment usually takes less than a year.


-Strattera is prohibited being used with MAO inhibitors, alcohol, and psychostimulant agents.
-Patients with closed-angle glaucoma should refuse from the use of Strattera.
-Children under 6 are not recommended taking Strattera because the results of the clinical studies in patients of this age group are unknown.

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