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Women's Health

In order to keep women’s health, it is necessary to regularly have a medical examination and take medications for the prophylaxis in time. Our set of the highly-effective drugs will help to solve any problems with health in women.

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Women’s health medications

Every woman has certain medications in her shower bag that are required for her good health. This set of pills changes with ageing because the female body experiences stress and needs an additional protection. And if men usually have sexual disorders, women have diseases due to the hormonal imbalance.

The most effective medications to keep women’s health are:

-Alesse is a drug for the hormonal contraception and has a high protection.
-Celebrex is an anti-inflammatory drug which helps during degenerative diseases of the blood vessels during menopause.
-Clomid is a medication to treat anovulatory infertility.
-Dostinex is a drug to reduce the level of prolactin and reduce lactation and diseases caused by the surplus of this hormone.
-Female Viagra is a medication of the combined action to increase a sexual drive and improve the sexual function in women.

How do medications for the women’s health act?

Most drugs for the women’s health do not contain sex hormones but they favor a recovery of the natural biochemical processes. Due to this, it is possible to regulate the level of prolactin, estrogens, and other hormones that influence on the women’s health.

Every drug is approved by FDA and has a great evidential base, and therefore the effect of the treatment will be positive.

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