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Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airway tracts and causes a sudden asphyxia, shortness of breath, and difficult breathing. This disease requires an instant and regular treatment, and therefore we have prepared for you a list of the best medications for the asthma treatment.

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Medications for Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease of the airway tracts that is hardly treatable. It is accompanied by the persistent attacks of asphyxia, unexpected spasms and edemas of the mucous membrane of bronchi. In order to restore breathing, a person should regularly take anti-inflammatory products, and if asthma has an allergic nature, antihistamine drugs should be used.

However, a fungal disease may be quickly treated during the complex treatment. The most important is to select the most effective drugs which fungi are vulnerable to.

The most effective drugs for asthma are as follows:

-Advair is a combined medication for the inhalation with intensive anti-inflammatory and bronchodilatory action.
-Ventolin is a bronchodilatory medication which provides a fast action, and therefore it is used to reduce the attacks of asthma.
-Symbicort is a combined medication for the background therapy of asthma. It provides a fast and long effect.

How do medications for asthma act?

The main task of any medication for asthma is to reduce an inflammation in bronchi and restore a motion of oxygen to the lungs. Therefore, every drug has a bronchodilatory and anti-inflammatory action. Combined medications contain glucocorticoids that has a complex action and give an anti-inflammatory effect.

Drugs of the background action are required to keep a normal function of bronchi, drugs of the fast action are required to reduce the attacks of asthma because they start acting within 5-15 minutes.

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