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Mental Disorders

Everybody faces mental disorders in the modern world. We are not protected against stress, fear, and anxiety. Every day is related to the emotional tension which may be a cause of the mental disorders.

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Medications for the mental disorders

Mental disorders are a collective name for diseases of mind as a result of which a person has mood swings, changed perception of the environment. According to WHO data, every 5th person has mental disorders, and a number of people with mental disorders grows every year.

The treatment of the mental disorders should be complex. A help of a psychotherapist as well as strong pharmaceutical products are required in order to restore the organic processes in the brain and change the state of the central nervous system.

The most effective medications for the mental disorders:

-Seroquel is a product to treat schizophrenia.
-Paxil is a very strong antidepressant that may reduce the anxiety symptoms.
-Zoloft is a classical antidepressant with a very stable action.

How do medications for the mental disorders act?

Most mental disorders happen because of the tension of the central nervous system and a change of the neurotransmitter concentration in the brain. Most medications have a similar mechanism of the action and their task consists in removing a tension from the nervous system, and so the human mind is stabilized.

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