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Skin Care

Skin care is the main task of everybody because a state of the skin is a sign of the health of the entire body. Acne is the most common disease of the skin that is observed in 70% of population in the world.
Products for the skin care are represented on our site and give good results, and can treat acne and other diseases.

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Medications for Skin Care

Acne is not the only skin disease. It is a cosmetic problem, if it does not have an infectious nature. But there are severer diseases of the skin such as pointed condyloma, that may grow all over the body, herpes, mycosis of the skin, dermatosis, and others.

The skin diseases are just symptoms of severer dysfunction and disorders in the body. Therefore, all skin care medications remove just symptoms and seldom act on a cause.

The most effective skin care medications are as follows:

-Elocon is a hormonal ointment for the external application which reduces the symptoms of severe dermatosis.
-Renova is one of the most effective drugs for the treatment of the severe type of acne.
-Valtrex is a strong antiviral drug to treat herpes. It helps to reduce the symptoms of herpes within 3-5 days.
-Aldara is an effective medication to treat pointed condyloma and basalioma of the skin.

How do skin care medications act?

The main task of every drug is to regulate the regeneration processes in the upper and lower layers of the skin, and reduce the disease symptoms. Therefore, all medications have an anti-inflammatory action.

Drugs for herpes have a strong antiviral effect, drugs for pointed condyloma cause a death of a part of condyloma. All medications represented on our site are approved by FDA and really give a positive effect for the skin care.

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