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Comparison of Medication Prices

If you are a money-saving person, you should compare prices of medications at first. This action makes sense because there are situations when a person does not have an insurance, or a prescription. Here are some recommendations that will be helpful to make a right and thoughtful decision.

1. Is your medication listed in a payer’s formulary?

Make sure that you know information about your insurance company, or drug formulary of the payer. Money may be saved if you know what medications take a lower range, i.e. inexpensive. It has to do with non-prescriptions or generic medications, and the insurer may negotiate a lower pricing with manufacturers. Also, you may ask your physician about analogues of a medication that would be a good option for your clinical case.

2. Is there any Generic version of the required medication?

Generic drugs are the analogues of a brand name medicine, i.e. it belongs to the same medical group. This product is as effective as the brand one but you will get it at a lower cost. When the original patent is expired, other companies and manufacturers are able to produce Generic types of popular medications. Of course, your physician should control your health after you have been taking generic product because this product may contain different additional ingredients, whilst the active ingredients are the same.

3. Consider a safe legal status of online pharmacy

Disreputable online pharmacies promote beautiful prices but you cannot be confident for sure that a medication you buy is really of high quality. You may use the VIPPS-Accredited Pharmacies List to find completely safe and also legal pharmacies. You may also find local pharmacies belonging to national chains. Some prices will be the same as when one comes to this pharmacy. But you may also find lower prices. There are also convenient tools that help you to compare prices for needed medications in different websites.
But if the pharmacy hits below the belt, it would be dangerous for your health and family budget. So you should be very attentive and avoid buying your medicines from overseas pharmacies.

4. Websites for price comparison

If you know what you need, and what budget you are ready to spend, the following sites provide an opportunity to compare prices:
Pharmacy Checker: the site helps to compare prices in foreign and online pharmacies. It has a system that detects whether a pharmacy has a license and a good protection of the personal data, and if prescriptions are required. It has been working since 2003.
Good Rx: the prices are compared among more than 60 000 USA pharmacies. Also, it gives you coupons that may be printed for using it in the pharmacy. One may also use a free app for Android and iOS.

Pharmacies that offer free or cheap drugs may be also checked for the national chains.

5. Shipment costs should be included

If you decide on comparing the prices, the shipment prices should be taken into account. It happens that shipment costs may be high, whilst the product price is lower.

Last Edit - 19 Jun 2020, write by David Kahan

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