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Legal Purchase of Medications in Online Pharmacy

Many people still wonder whether it is lawful buying medications in the online pharmacy. In fact, this option is rather money and time-saving. We may tell you for sure that it is legal but you have to know all hooks of this type of medication purchase.
The most important is finding a reliable internet place. This place has to meet all your requirements and budget. As of today the market is full of honest and bad websites that may both help you and disturb your nervous system.

Is buying medications online legal?

It will be legal in case some rules are observed. Many different factors impact a decision to get medications online: your residence, location of the pharmacy, requirement of prescription, and others. You should know the requirements that will provide a legal purchase of medications on the internet.

Is buying drugs on the internet safe?

This process will be absolutely safe if you find a right online pharmacy. You may face malicious sites that will call themselves as an online pharmacy, but they actually just need your money. These sites may look like normal, but they don’t. So be very careful. If you know how to distinguish safe pharmacies on the internet, you will actually make a right choice.

Pharmacy Online or Online Pharmacy?

There are two ways to get medications: you may use websites of the local pharmacies, or you may buy medication at the pharmacy existing on the internet only.It means that now many of local pharmacies have their own websites giving you a possibility to order medications or just restore a prescription. These are Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, and others. If you trust a reputation of your local pharmacy, you will not have any troubles with buying medication on its website. Make sure to use the right address because now there are a lot of fake websites that copy the original pharmacy.
Moreover, there are pharmacies working with health insurance companies. They provide large orders of medications and a low price for people with insurance. These are Medco, Express Scripts, and Caremark. If you use their services and provide your insurance, this way is absolutely safe. This service is of great use for patients who take medications on regular basis and need to renew supplies. A convenience is obvious.
There are also pharmacies that do not have a location, and you cannot go in there and get your medications. These pharmacies may be found online only. And some of them do not have the right to sell medications. So this option may be not a good idea sometimes.

How to get medications legally on the internet pharmacy?

First off, consider pricing issues. It may be an important thing. Due to the insurance, you may buy medications online but in this case the cost may be the same as if you bought it in a common pharmacy. This co-pay is indicated in the formulary of the insurer.
The case with the insurance:
1. Contact your insurance company to get to know about mail-order pharmacy. If this information is not available, you may contact their customer support.
2. If you haven’t found the recommended places for the order, or you do not like this idea at all, there is the option to use a local pharmacy website to fill your prescriptions (Rite Aid, CVS, and others). This option will let you order medications online.
3. If it didn’t help you, you should use the steps provided below to use legal pharmacy.

The case with no insurance:
1. Compare prices on the website and you will find the proper option.
2. Make sure that a pharmacy you want to use is really legal. VIPPs (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites) is the place where you can check the pharmacy. It is the list of the safe pharmacies. However, some pharmacies in this list have not been checked yet.
3. LegitScript also provides safe pharmacy list.

However, there are cases when pharmacies are not found on the lists mentioned above. In this case, you have to know answers to the questions determining a legal and safe status of that pharmacy.

Last Edit - 19 Jun 2020, write by Susan Levy

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