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Six important things before ordering medications online

According to Pew Research, a purchase of medications online is bait and switch to many people, and about 62% of people consider online pharmacies unsafe, and they prefer regular pharmacies. Some people use it for affordable prices, and other people indicate privacy and convenience, however most of them do not know that the ultimate price may be paid for would-be advantages.

1. Some medications consist toxic ingredients.

There is also a risk that online medications may be produced beyond the bounds of the USA, and there is no guarantee that all medications have been properly tested. There is data that some mixtures may contain heavy metals, toxic paint, rat poison, and hazardous contaminants.

2. Online pharmacies may not always give you what you need.

Gary Coody, a national health fraud coordinator, states that an incorrect treatment may prevent from making a correct diagnosis and prescribing a really appropriate medication. He believes that fraudulent drugs claim about fake functions of the ingredients. It may be frequently met among the medications used for the treatment of the sexual disorders, or helping in weight loss, and also other disorders. Do not trust medications that are too good, or promise immediate results, or cure every single disease.

3. Inaccurate Dosing

It happens that some medications may have different amount of the active ingredients. Well, if it is not enough, the effect would be low; and if it is too much, an overdose would occur.

4. Non-observance of the storage conditions

Everybody knows, that some medications should be stored in certain way and at certain temperature. Some medications should not contact sunlight and heat, and sometime frost. If medications are got from unreliable pharmacy, you cannot really tell how the pills have been kept by the manufacturer and a company.

5. Illegal medications are often for sale.

If you are prescribed prescription medicine, and you do not have a prescription, you break the law in the USA if you take it into the country. Medications that are not allowed by the FDA cannot be brought into the country too. So it may get you in trouble, if you face illegal medications.

6. There are about 96% of rogue online pharmacies.

NABP has conducted a research among all online pharmacies (as much as possible) in order to find legit ones. By one count, 11 500 companies have been checked, and about 96% of them do not meet the USA Pharmacy requirements and laws. Otherwise speaking, there is 4% chance that you get a medication from the legal pharmacy online.

Last Edit - 19 Jun 2020, write by Susan Levy

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