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The Rationale Behind Savings Prices Of E-Drugstores

If you are anything like us, you keep your smartphone handy any time something catches your eye at a physical store. For many generations now, starting from baby boomers and all the way to Gen Z, running a fast online price check has become a second nature – for all the good reasons.

Drug prices online: major savings options

Resellers of pharmacy drugs are no different from the rest of the e-commerce cohort. Unsurprisingly so – according to, the average cost of a prescription per person is whopping $1,200 annually. With generic medications popularized by online pharmacy stores, Medicare is saving $1,883 on every enrollee – not a sum to bat an eye at!

More and more people move towards digitalizing their healthcare shopping routines, or at least integrating them wisely so that the urgently needed pills are bought off the local vendors, and more expensive and bigger refills come with bigger online-price savings. It is estimated that next generations will consider physical stores clunky and all but obsolete – we firmly believe that, what with 1.92 billion sales made in 2019 only.

How to tell a legitimate pharmacy online

Let’s have a closer look at digital pharmacy players. Colorful crowd as they are, you can roughly classify them into legitimate and rogue agents. How do you steer clear of the murky pharmacy businesses? There are some tips and tricks to get by.

Perform a background check

Remember that not every drugstore you find online is an actual licensed pharmacy business. The easiest thing you can do is to run the pharmacy by VIPPs check. Another failproof tactic is to mail-order drugs off the webpages of the well-established pharmacy chains. This approach has its pros and cons – while you are certain of their authenticity and the prices might be lower, especially if you use coupons and promotion codes, the choice for generic drugs there leaves room to imagination.

Search for licensing info

From a range of digital-only pharmacies, pick the ones that state their licensing information clearly. Such pharmacies have their office address and a telephone number displayed alongside with the license number somewhere in the footer.

Scan for trustworthy affiliates

If the pharmacy is associated with a well-recognized industry player, go with it. Reputation of the affiliate takes the second-guessing out of the equation. But much like in case with the bigger pharmacy chains, the savings options might not be the biggest.

Prescription-fussy? Good sign!

Legitimate pharmacies are required to ask for your prescription every time you are out for a Rx medication. Boring, but safe. No authentic online drugstore will skip that step; you will be asked to transfer your prescription before you are allowed to get your refill, end of story.

Try patient programs

Look around for patient assistance programs from famous pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Bayer, Sanofi, and others. Most of them will offer some sort of support for patients in dire financial circumstances. To participate, you will need to prove your budget below average, be a US citizen, and have a prescription issued by a US board-certified doctor.

To conclude, the World Web offers limitless savings possibilities alongside with perils as far as medications are concerned. But nothing is impossible for a savvy navigator such as yourself!

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