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You Can Buy Prescription Drugs Without Seeing a Doctor

There are internet-shops offering a service of medication shipment directly to women, and so these ladies will feel healthier and better.

If you like shopping on Instagram, you probably know that you may order mascara, or suitcase, and other things. One of the purposes of these sites is simplification of the decision making. Only several types of a product are offered but they are highly quality and comes in pale pink. We may give you an example, there is sitename that has made progress and cut out doctor’s appointment and visits of pharmacy by mailing prescription medicines right to customers who need it.

In addition to cosmetic hair and skin treatments, the company may have “Shop sex” also “Shop well-being” pills. The libido boosters for women, birth-control pills, high-blood pressure medications are provided. However, there are cases when medications may have higher cost than in the common pharmacies but there is a great advantage in the form of a medical online consultation in order to take a prescription.

Today there is a great opportunity to get any product right to the door; so why not to buy medications on the internet in order to make life easier? To attract attention to a product, the company also uses pages like on cool start-up Instagram profiles. They just describe hot-topics for women such as sheet masks, or abortion rights, and this information hides a real product. And it turns out, that the company’s product looks like a real panacea. Nevertheless, doctors do not recommend counting on these companies, even though this sitename tries to put clients in charge of their health conditions.

This website has a wide assortment of the cosmetic treatment goods such as hair loss treatment. The co-founder of the company, states that their products are based on the consumer opinions about the most demanded product for women. She states that the loss of hair is stigmatized and this phenomenon is rather common. Also, a fear of the public speaking is peculiar for both women and men, and this disorder can even influence on the professional life. And so propranolol is demanded.

The FaastPharmacy has been launched in the spring, and about 50 000 people have used the services of the doctor’s consultation on the site. The co-founder also states that women face some issues such as wait time, cost, and child care when they have to visit a doctor. She says that their company tries to give women an effective, and judgment-free process of the diagnosing. In this case, every woman can control their health and decide on the treatment. The conducted research indicates that about 20 million women within the USA do not have the access to the states supported contraception.

Unlike the public healthcare, women will not receive free care on the website FaastPharmacy. The birth-control pills cost about $30, and the insurance will not do. Propranolol is for sale at $25 for a pack with 5 tabs. If you compare prices, you may find propranolol at the cost of $14, according to GoodRx. A woman with the insurance may not worry and can get birth-control medications free of charge as it is indicated in the Affordable Care Act.

Last Edit - 19 Jun 2020, write by David Kahan

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